“The Cantu Comedy Club”

Get your laugh on each 3rd Sunday night of the month,
6-8 PM in the East Bay at this specialty Toastmasters club
Sign-in at 5:45pm on 1st floor and come up to 2nd floor
at St. Paul's Towers, 100 Bay Place, Oakland CA 94610

John Cantu



Welcome to — We are a specialty Toastmasters club formed in honor of the late John Cantu.

Our focus: adding more humor to our speeches, stories and lives.

This is not your father's Toastmasters Club. We feature "headliners" -- professional speakers, comedians, storytellers or humorists -- who give a guest presentation each month at the Club. It's our opportunity to see how the pros do it and ask them questions about how to create, craft and deliver their material. Then members perform, to practice skills and get supportive feedback from the group.

We meet once a month on the third Sunday of the month, 6pm - 8pm, St. Paul's Towers (100 Bay Place), Oakland, CA.

So come and join us — the laugh's on us!

Meanwhile, persue our website, read articles, listen to audio and video files and support the headliners who generously give their time and expertise to Toastmasters.

Craig Harrison DTM, PDG



Next Meeting:

Sunday, April 20th
6:00–8:15 pm

The Joke’s On You!

with Ken Braly, ATM, and you

“They say that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Well, the way I sweat, I must be a genius.”

At our next LaughLovers meeting, we’re going to talk about jokes — how to tell them, when to tell them, how to take a generic joke and change it or personalize it, and how to use a joke to help make a point.

For this meeting, we want you to bring some jokes to tell. (Please, bring jokes that you can tell in a public setting!) And learn how to include jokes effectively in your speaking and at the dinner table!

Learn from guest comedians, humorists & entertainers

Add humor to your presentations

Use your humorous material effectively

Grow from immediate, high-level feedback

Hone comedic timing and “Improv” skills


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