“The Cantu Comedy Club”

Get your laugh on each 3rd Sunday night of the month,
6-8 PM in the East Bay at this specialty Toastmasters club
Sign-in at 5:45pm on 1st floor and come up to 2nd floor
at St. Paul's Towers, 100 Bay Place, Oakland CA 94610

John Cantu



Craig Harrison MHR

Izzy Gesell CSP
Jeff Justice CSP
Scott Friedman CSP

The following articles (in PDF format) are from past headliners, current members or supporters and friends of John Cantu. They are made available to you for use in developing and honing your humor and comedic skills:

"If you want to add more humor to your presentations" (Cantu article on humor)

Storyteller and humorist Bob Reiser shares 12 Tips for Bellylaughs (PDF)

Terry Paulson, PhD, CSP, CPAE's article on Living the Humor Advantage:
Ten Tips to Take Life Seriously and Yourself Lightly

Humorist John Kinde's article on Observational Humor (PDF)

"What's In A Name?" Learn why some names are funnier than others. (Harrison article as a PDF)

Stevie Ray's "So You Think You're Funny?" article as a PDF.

Swami Beyondananada's Ten Guidelines for Enlightenment

CPAE Matt Weinstein's article: What Dogs Teach Us About Work and Play (PDF)

Article by Jollytologist Allen Klein, CSP on How to be Funny Without Telling Jokes (PDF)

Scott Friedman, CSP's Perfect World article from the book Humor Us.

Fripp's article on Branding in Humor (PDF)

Jeff Justice CSP's article on How to write a Top-Ten List (PDF)

Todd Hunt's "But I'm Not A Comedian! Adding Humor without Parodies, Pauses or P-Sounds"

Scott Friedman, CSP's Perfect World article from the book Humor Us.

Izzy Gesell CSP's Re-Moralizing Ourselves Through Humor article.

Larry Wilde's article (PDF) quoting the masters of humor for the Assoc. of Applied & Therapeutic Humor

Rob Peck's article In Praise of Laughter (PDF). Rob's Zestworks provides colorful keynotes & uplifting seminars!

Craig Harrison's humor piece Speaking On A Shoestring (PDF) in NSA's Speaker Magazine, Dec. 2010 (first conceived as a bit at a LaughLovers meeting). Read the unedited version here (PDF).

LaughLovers article in Storyline newsletter



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