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2015–2016 Club Officers

President: Tanya Leigh Jansen, DTM
Vice President, Education (Bookings): Gary Wong, DTM, PDG
Vice President, Membership: OPEN
Vice President, Public Relations: Dorian Taylor, DTM
Secretary: Tyree Johnson, DTM, PDG
Treasurer: Samuel Harrison
Sergeant-at-Arms: Jim Doyle, DTM
Immediate Past President: Emily Lo

Some of our Past Presidents grabbed the mic and said…

Jon Seidel

Jon Seidel…
Raider of the Lost Arfffs!

“Welcome to LaughLovers.us — a Toastmasters club formed in honor of John Cantu and dedicated to improving your speaking skills, adding a bit a humor to your presentations, and having fun.

This is not your father’s Toastmasters Club. We have a headliner — a professional speaker — give a presentation each month at the Club. This is your opportunity to see how the pros do it and ask them questions and learn: straight from the horse’s mouth. Then you get your chance, along with other Club members, to practice your skills and get supportive feedback from the group.

We meet once a month, so there’s no excuse that it takes too much time! Third Sunday of the month, 6pm – 8pm, St. Paul’s Towers (100 Bay Place), Oakland, CA.

So come and join us — the laugh’s on us!”

—Jon Seidel CMC, CTM, 2009-2010 President

Dale Harmon“Welcome to the place where laughter is found. Laughlovers is an advanced Toastmaster club where comedic speakers, writers, and everyday folk work to bring humor to their lives and their speeches. So come join in the fun and bring your appetite for laughter. You won’t go home without a smile!

See you next meeting!”

—Dale Harmon, 2008-09 President

Craig Harrison“LaughLovers — The Cantu Comedy Club, is the place where speakers, storytellers and humorists come to laugh and learn…how to add more humor to their presentations. Through prepared presentations and constructive coaching, Improv games and educational and entertaining presentations, members learn how to add more humor to their material and, in the process, spread good cheer wherever they go!”

—Craig Harrison, Co-Founder