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What other folks “in the biz” say about LaughLovers…
David Garfinkel“John Cantu was a great personal friend and professional colleague. He had the best laugh I ever heard, and he was a pretty funny guy in his own right. LaughLovers honors the spirit and memory of Cantu in a way I’m sure he would smile warmly about.”

David Garfinkel
Coach, Consultant, Speaker…
and Founder of The World Copywriting Institute

Heather Rogers“LaughLovers is a golden opportunity for speakers, actors, writers and frustrated postal employees. Participants learn improvisation skills, speaking skills, networking skills, joke writing skills and storytelling skills. As a past presenter and club member I have received expert coaching and enthusiastic support from every member. This is a great club and I’m so grateful to founder, Craig Harrison and all other humorists committed to tickling the world!”

Heather Rogers
Magician, Entertainer, Professional Speaker

Bill Cole“LaughLovers is a magical place where humor is created, tested and refined. It is the perfect laboratory for developing your comedic funnybone. If you want to speak more, delight audiences and be asked back on a regular basis, create and deliver more humor in your programs. The age-old aphorism about humor in speech-making is true. When asked if having humorous material is important to as speaker, professional speakers say, Yes, but only if you want to get paid! Remember, more funny is more money. LaughLovers is the place to be more funny.”

Bill Cole, MS, MA
America’s Mental Game Coach

Allen Klein“If you want to learn how to make others laugh, join LaughLovers. If you love to laugh, join LaughLovers. If you simply want to meet a bunch of fun-derful people, join LaughLovers.”

Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor, The Courage to Laugh, and WorkLaughs

Richard Stocton“The name says it, Laugh Lovers, a positive environment for getting up and practicing the craft of comedy. There is no other way to learn how to make people laugh from the stage than to get onstage and do your material. Laugh Lovers, started by Laughmaster John Cantu, is the perfect place to polish new material, to learn how to deliver old material with more punch and to receive constructive feedback from a sharp group committed to using humor to open people up to receive new ideas. As for a place to work out, Laugh Lovers is as good as it gets.”

—Think globally, laugh locally,
Richard Stockton